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Get your snack on for Mother's Day!

Here's something you might know about me, I am a HUGE snacker. When it comes to putting together a snack tray, you know I'm all about it. Check out this guide on what to add to your snack trays, great for a quick snack or for a party! No matter what occasion, snack trays are always my go-to appetizer.


I love to have my salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni slices on my snack tray, but I recommend trying out lemon pepper tuna on lettuce leaves. It is so delicious. Such a great way to switch things up!


I always have mozzarella in my fridge. I would use block cheddar cheese, or aged white cheddar is excellent too. Cut into cubes or square sliced work out for my tray.


I can’t get enough of pickles! I always have a jar or two on hand. I usually lay a nice pile of pickles on my tray. Pickled okra is another favorite of mine.


My go-to veggies are usually bell peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli. I also like to add avocado, carrots and celery sticks are great as well. I make sure the veggies are cut to fit on my tray.


For dips, I like to use French Onion or a Ranch Dip. I prefer to make my own ranch dip with sour cream and my favorite Hidden Valley Ranch packages.


As for chips, I’ve been loving the Garden Veggie Straws in Zesty Ranch. I usually buy them in a huge bag at Costco. Terra Veggie Chips from Costco is another great option that I like to have with my snack tray.

I've link some of my favorite pre-prepped snack trays on the pictures above that are available at Walmart and Target for an easy fix when you are tight on time.

What do you think about my snack tray prep? What else would you add to your tray? If you try this out, share your pictures with me.


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