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A New Year with Walmart

This Blog post is sponsored by Walmart+

With a New Year comes new memories to make with our loved ones, so we have been planning to do a lot more cooking here at our home with Antonio. He is just as excited to join us in the kitchen as we are to have him help us. We made sure that we had everything that we were going to need to create these delicious smiley face pancakes topped with yummy whip cream, some of his favorite berries and my favorite part, the syrup! Thanks to my local Walmart, we were able to get everything that we needed delivered for free with my Walmart+ membership ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.). Walmart+ has so many other great benefits! Like helping you to make sure that all your planned gatherings are worry free with their free shipping, no order minimum benefit (excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges.). So, you can enjoy more time with family and not have to stress about losing precious time with your loved ones. Get all your shopping done from the comfort of your home just by being a Walmart+ member.

These items are just a few of the many that you can shop this holiday season and get shipped for free using Walmart+. Sign up to become a Walmart+ member today! All these awesome benefits and so much more are available only to Walmart+ members. So don’t miss out on these great savings and become a Walmart+ member today!




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