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Introducing the the NEW Olay Regenerist MAX Serums

This blog post is sponsored by Olay.

Over a year ago I introduced serums into my daily skincare routine and let me tell you this HAS elevated my skincare. I used to think, I have oily skin so how does it make sense to add an oil to my face?! However, I was clearly wrong and had no idea that adding a serum would help keep my skin hydrated on top of the numerous benefit it has.

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to Olay Serums, the new Olay Regenerist MAX Serums. They’re formulated with Olay’s highest concentration of Skin Energizing Complex – one drop of Regenerist MAX Serums has the power to visibly renew 1 million skin cells!

Olay created three serums to cover 95 percent of the benefits women want. All serums are formulated with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), which is a true multitasking skin vitamin. Great for all skin types, it improves skin’s moisture barrier, reduces the appearance of pores, fades dark spots, and regenerates skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkle Max: Ditch the fillers. This powerful serum, now with Olay’s max concentration of Skin Energizing Complex, Vitamin B3 and 2x the peptides (*vs. OLAY Wrinkle Correction Serum), penetrates your skin’s surface to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles. Our peptides are known to trigger collagen production, skin cell regeneration and have been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll see smoother skin on day one!

Hydration Max: Like a cool drink of water for your skin. Olay crafted this hydrating serum, now with their max concentration of Skin Energizing Complex, Vitamin B3 and 2x the Hyaluronic Acid (*vs. OLAY Deep Hydration Serum ), to penetrate your skin’s surface for long-lasting hydration and a healthy glow. Hyaluronic Acid works like a moisture magnet to draw moisture into your skin and keep it hydrated all day. You’ll see dewy skin on day one!

Tone Max: Got the dull skin blues? Perk up with Olay’s powerful Tone Perfection Serum – now with their max concentration of Skin Energizing Complex, Vitamin B3 and 2x the Vitamin C (vs. Olay Tone Perfection Serum), to brighten a dull and uneven complexion. Vitamin C helps protect against skin damage, visibly fade spots and even the look of skin tone. You’ll see noticeably brighter skin on day one!

All Olay Regenerist MAX Serums were: $43.99, but right now they’re ONLY: $32.99! Grab a serum before the sale ends and remember serums are your best friend! Let me know if you have any questions.



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Oct 08, 2020

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