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Antonio's 1st Birthday Party

Hi Guys, welcome to my new website! This has been long overdue and I knew my first blog post on my website had to be about our wonderful little boy, Antonio. I cannot believe he's already 1 years old. Time sure has flown by this year. I tried very hard to not go overboard when I was planning his 1st birthday party, especially because my husband kept reminding me everyday to take it

Antonio's birthday party was such a success, everything from the decor, food and all of our closest friends and family members that came to help celebrate his birthday with us, thank you for all of your support. We truly feel blessed and this is one special little boy that's loved by many.

We went with a Baseball theme for his party. Take a peak into his birthday party.


You guys my friend Addie from Luxe Appel is seriously the BEST CHEF ever! She never fails me and event when I text her a week before any event I'm planning, still very much unprepared she always says to me, "Don't worry I got it. I have some ideas I'll send to you." She always comes through and goes above and beyond. I can't wait to share more about her with you guys. FYI- this chef does NOT mess around. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu and is an expert at what she does!


Okay, I highly recommend Ballooms (clever name huh?!). They always show up and assemble all the balloons so quickly. They seriously make it look so easy, which I know it is not! I love adding a bunch of balloons as my main decor. I think it elevates the ambiance and takes the stress off of me.

Pinata & Other decor:

I teamed up with Feliz Modern, they're a really cute local boutique here in San Antonio. They did such a great job with our piñata, especially how they matched our theme for Antonio's Birthday. You seriously need to visit their store, (be prepared to spend along time in their store because they have cutest decorations and accessories). If you're not local, don't worry they have an online shop too! b

Here are some pictures from his 1st Birthday Photoshoot. It was so hard just selecting a handful because he's so dang cute! Enjoy!



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