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DIY Easter Decor

I’m so excited to be sharing some fun and easy DIY Easter Decor projects that I found to help you pass the time. I will be listing what supplies you will need and a quick step by step for each project. Most of the supplies can be easily found in your home on hand.

Easter Egg Tealight Candle Holders

These adorable tealight candle holders are the perfect piece to add to any Easter decor. This is such an easy DIY to complete with just a few supplies. I’ve also added a tip on how you can naturally dye your eggs.


-White tea-light candles

-Dyed Eggs (Empty)

-Hot Glue

-Egg Carton

Quick-Step by Step

1. Place your dyed egg halves in an egg carton.

2. Add a dab of hot glue to the inside in a dyed egg half and place a tea light on glue dot.

3. Carefully place in the desired area and light! Don’t forget to take pictures.👍

Here is a great tip to naturally dye your eggs with just a few simple ingredients.






-Beets (Pink)

-Yellow Onion Skins (Orange)

-Turmeric (Yellow)

-Purple Cabbage (Light Blue)

-Blueberries (Dark Blue)

Bunny Pinata

Who doesn’t love a pinata!? The best part is filling pinatas with candy and of course, eating it. This DIY Bunny Pinata that I'm sharing from (Lovely Indeed) is gonna keep you and your helper busy for a couple of hours.



-Scissors (Kid-friendly)


-Masking tape

-Crepe/tissue paper

-White Glue sticks

-Cardstock (Black, Pink and Tan)

Step by Step

1. You will need to cut out two bunny face shapes. Cut out one face first, then trace that one onto more cardboard and cut it out. Poke a hole through the top of each face piece so that you have a place to insert a rope for hanging the piñata.

2. Cut 4″ strips of cardboard for the edge of the piñata. Start by fitting them around one face piece, bending and molding them to the shape of the face. Then begin taping them together with strips of masking tape placed around the area where the edges meet.

3. Tape the other face piece in the same way so that you have a completed piñata shape. Leave a flap open on the top of one ear to be able to put candy and toys inside. Leave this flap untaped but able to tuck under the other side of the ear so that it looks closed.

4. Start to create fringe on your crepe paper or tissue paper. If you’re using tissue paper, you’ll need to cut it into strips first. Fold the strips accordion-style and use scissors to cut fringe on one side of the tissue paper, about halfway up the height of the paper. Then unfold and you should have a long strand of fringe.

5. Start covering your piñata! Start placing fringe at the bottom and work your way upward. Apply a line of glue stick down, place a row of fringe to it, and trim the ends so that they’re even with the edges of the piñata.

6. Add the face! Cut pink ears and glue them on the ear areas. Then two little black eyes. Use a tan oval for the mouth and cut a black nose, smile, and whiskers. Glue all these on with glue stick.

7. Fill with candy and toys through the flap in the ear and insert a rope through the holes in the upper head. Tie the rope at the top, toss one end over a tree limb, and let the kids go for it!

I hope you all enjoyed these DIY Easter Projects. If you do decide to try these out, please tag me on your post. I’d love to see how your projects came out. I will be sharing more DIY’s and so much more, so stay tuned!❤️




May 01, 2020

I love the candles! And I am absolutely going to make them next year. I do have a question though. Did you get the shells like that by breaking from uncooked eggs?


Apr 20, 2020

These are both do cute. I think I might could do the piñata and I know my grandson would love the candy inside. Thanks for posting these.


Apr 19, 2020

Thank you for all of the neat ideaa


Apr 19, 2020

The tea lights are so darn cute and creative. I may do for Christmas - I think it wld look pretty


Apr 19, 2020

I like the Bunny and it would be fun to make with my daughter

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